Unrequited love and depression — part 1

Dear Diary

You will hear people say everywhere, “Oh you look down. Is everything okay? I’m always here for you if you need to talk.”

The truth is, no one is ever there for you. You are all alone in this battle with yourself. People will feel pity for you but they will never be the solution to a problem. I don’t want anyone. I just wanted one person and he left me, he left me alone in this cruel world. …

Movie Review

Crushing the patriarchal roots has become a necessity now

Maleficent is a 2014 adaption of Disney’s most favorite movie Sleeping Beauty. Contrary to the original version this film is a dark fantasy portraying the evil queen Maleficent’s perspective and her relationship with Aurora and her father. It is directed by Robert Stromberg and stars Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. Disney has used the imagery of a broken, mutilated female body, where a fairy’s greatest strength is taken from her out of fear and greed to crush her rule.

At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to Maleficent as an innocent fairy girl with a very kind heart. She…

Innovations in the health industry and entering a digital era

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The Healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing and the world’s second-largest service sectors.

According to researchers and academics, the total contribution of the health sector to the gross domestic product has been estimated to be 10 percent for developed countries.

Thus, it is believed that the healthcare sector can significantly improve the economy of a nation. The healthcare industry is complex and highly driven by globalization, intense competition and market trends, and governmental legislation and policies.

The healthcare sector is a vast field, including myriad industries and sub-industries with the main focus is on health and medical care.


There are crucial factors to keep in mind while launching a new app

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In today’s technologically advanced world people believe that marketing no longer plays a role in promoting products. However, is isn’t true because promoting a product always requires an audience; in fact, it plays a vital role.

The best way to launch your product is by introducing it to a target audience. This is the reason why when a new product is about to hit the market, the main people behind the idea try their best to inculcate the goodness of their product in the audience’s minds beforehand.

They tend to portray the product in a way that makes a spectator…

Recommendations on what to eat and what to avoid.

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It feels like yesterday when my baby was born. Time flies so quickly. she turned six months old last week. It was a huge milestone and we celebrated it by making the baby laugh all day. A laughing baby is one of the best things in the world. Our baby has become so active and she gets hungry frequently. I made a feeding routine for her because it is important to keep a check that the baby is provided with all the nutrients and introduced to all types of new flavors. …

The ultimate end

In the rotten path of life,
Scurrying away, seeking shelter
Weaving spells,
Round and round the windmill
Are they following?
Dark and full of slime
Feet stuck in the mud
Unable to move forward
Worms tickling her ankles
Scratching loudly
As mucky nails on steel
Weaving spells
Round and round the windmill
With rotten teeth
She tried to smile
Gargling gunk from mouth
No way to escape
No way to break loose
Her shrieks alarmed a camper
Whose ears twitched like a deer
Backpack slinging from shoulder
Keys rattling in the pocket
Bewitched by the distance wails
Some soul in inferno
Weaving spells
Round and round the windmill
A sight to be seen
Remorse, guilt, and…


Don’t let the voices in your head take control of you

Dear Voices (in my head),

We know each other for a long time but I don’t remember how we met. Did I permit you to enter my head or did you invade that land? I wanted to formally address you all. The reason is that for a while now, you guys have been creating havoc inside my head. It is not your debate hall, you can’t just start a random discussion and go on about it for hours. I need some space, that’s why I’m writing this letter to you to officially end my relationship with a few of you.

Don’t waste your time on one-sided love and don’t mourn over past relationships

When his hand grabbed my arm
And pulled me towards himself,
My instant thought was death
Or life without him?
I chose death than living without him,
My every thought centered around him,
He was so attractive,
My bewitching piece of magnet,
And I was allured towards him
As if he is the only one in this world,
I never wish to stay away from him
My purpose in life is getting his love,
How can I ever,
Imagine him with someone else?
My heart may stop that moment
If that ever happened. …

An honest review

Sex Life was premiered on Netflix on the 25th of June 2021. It is a comedy-drama with IMBD ratings of 5.9/10. The story revolves around a married woman trapped in her wild past when she was free to do anything she wanted, especially sex, ‘the best sex’ with her ex-boyfriend. We see flashbacks of her past as well as her present life where she is struggling in her marriage. It is an eight-episode series and every episode has the same pattern of flashbacks vs present life.

Here is why I think Sex Life is not worth watching as it has…

Umama Zahir

A passionate writer and a tired mom

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